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About Us

CP Aeronautics’ goals are

To provide innovative, ground-breaking system solutions and services to the defense products market
To create multi-operational, multi-purpose systems based on advanced unmanned technologies
To provide products leading in performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness
To provide the Customer with the best solution and support
To provide excellent and dedicated UAS crews by training and technical support
To promote and cultivate long-term relationships with Customers
To develop, educate and promote the CP Aeronautics workforce


Our Competitive Edge

CP Aeronautics’ competitive edge as a UAS Integrator is most evident in the operational expertise that complements our products’ technology. Our dedicated experts always strive to deliver products and services tailored to Customer’s specific requirements and needs, and advise where, when and how the systems should best be applied.

In the growing, dynamic unmanned systems market, we recognize the necessity to expand the product portfolio continuously and to enable growth.

Our subsidiaries provide the synergy of unique capabilities; contribute to independence, flexibility, reduced time-to-market, ensuring more cost-effective solutions for Customers.

In-House R&D

Our in-house R&D departments are extensive and include a large team of experienced engineers from diverse specializations, developing the advanced mission-related capabilities of our unique UAVs, proprietary flight control software, innovative navigation, communications, and security interfaces, and more.


The Israeli Ministry of Economy and the Innovation Authority recently launched the “Israeli Innovations:
Breakthrough Products that Changed the World” book, featuring 100 innovative and breakthrough Israeli products that have changed the global market.

The Aeronautics Group has been selected as one of the 100 most innovative technological companies in Israel and presented in this book with honor. CP Aeronautics flagship product brand, the Orbiter® family, considered the global leader in small UAVs.


CP Aeronautics has been recognized by organizations such as ‘Frost & Sullivan’ for its ‘superior ability in the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) industry’, and for innovative, yet standards-complying technology, and reliable, high-quality service.

Technological Expertise

At CP Aeronautics, we maintain the entire infrastructure necessary for development, production, integration, flight-testing, certification, and support of operating UAS throughout their service.

In cooperation with our partners, subsidiaries, representatives, and dedicated service stations, we provide efficient and reliable services to every customer worldwide.

Our professional workforce is involved in design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales support. Our employees include UAV operators and technical staff with years of experience in the IDF, as well as highly skilled engineers from the Israeli high-tech industry.

Delivery, Training & Support

To support customers and guarantee reliable and continuous UAS operations, CP Aeronautics has established the Unmanned Systems Academy that provides high quality, in-depth training programs for UAS mission commanders, operators and technicians.

Global Footprint

Serving a growing list of customers worldwide, CP Aeronautics supports government and commercial customers with the highest quality systems and services.

CP Aeronautics operates with dozens of clients throughout the world; its leading system, the Aerostar Tactical UAS is serving 15 customers on four continents. Aerostar alone has accumulated more than 150,000 operational flight hours since its first flight in 2001. We had produced close to 1,000 Orbiter MUAV units. Our systems were operational in conflict zones in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chad and more. The considerable combat experience of Aeronautics systems is valued by our customers in the defense sector.

CP Aeronautics