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Homeland Security

Homeland Security

CP Aeronautics provides comprehensive and cost-effective turnkey packages for homeland security (HLS) applications. These are unique tailored solutions for force protection and tactical intelligence gathering . Such programs include assessment and planning, provisions for sensors, command and control, display systems, integration and implementation. Our experts offer considerable experience with large-scale sensitive HLS projects in Israel and abroad, among them systems delivered to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel Air Force (IAF), and US Navy.


HLS solutions characteristics are

  • Combined systems with centralized control for multi-layered protection: UAV & aerostat & C4I & Radar
  • Synergy of detecting and investigating sensors; information fusion and analysis to C41 center
  • Operational on difficult terrain and in harsh weather
  • Open architecture for connectivity and growth options
  • Full redundancy and backup


To ensure that HLS solutions or Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety (RAPS) applications accurately respond to specific requirements, our security and intelligence consultants conduct a deep on-site survey, including risk assessments of threats, vulnerabilities, technical and environmental limitations that could affect future systems. Based on survey report, an HLS solution is integrated and implemented.


Environmental Monitoring

CP Aeronautics has years of experience using UAV platforms as environmental detection and monitoring tools for radiation detection, air pollution monitoring and other potential dangers, during missions less suitable for flying manned aircraft.

Grid Infrastructures and Strategic Facilities Protection

  • CP Aeronautics pioneered use of unmanned systems for surveillance of land and offshore oil & gas infrastructures
  • Surface, air and underwater monitoring large-perimeter areas around isolated sites such as oil rigs, or along pipelines
  • Combined systems with centralized control for multi-layered protection: UAV & aerostat & VISINT sensors &C2I & Radar
  • Dynamic ISAR

Aerial, Maritime, Coastal and Border Security

CP Aeronautics offers operationally proven solutions for coastal, maritime, and EEZ security, using unmanned systems, coastal-based command and control centers, and naval assets. The border protection solution was selected by the Canadian army as solution for the protection of Canadian FOBs (Forward Operational Bases) in Afghanistan.

Pipeline Monitoring, Oil & Gas Security

CP Aeronautics has pioneered the use of unmanned systems for on-land and offshore oil & gas infrastructures. We offer comprehensive services for the security of energy facilities and infrastructure, where UAVs are efficiently used for monitoring large-perimeter areas around isolated sites, or pipelines stretching thousands of miles.

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