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Manned ISR

CP Aeronautics offers a turnkey solution for converting a utility helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft into a high-quality aerial surveillance platform. The manned platform is based on DA42 Multi-Purpose Plane (MPP) twin-engine aircraft with an advanced airframe, avionics and engines.

The pilot console houses the front monitor, providing the pilot with real-time, high-resolution, AISR video image. The nose of the aircraft houses the EO payload. The onboard Payload Electronic Box (PEB) controls the communications and provides operating power for the STA and the control.

Onboard features

  • Payload Electronic Box (PEB)
  • Mission Control Computer (MCC)
  • Navigation Control Unit (NCU)
  • Aerial Data Terminal (ADT)
  • Video Splitter, VGA Splitter
  • Recorder and Audio Interface Box
  • DC to DC converter 28V to 12V
  • S-Band and GPS antennas
  • Stabilized Turret Assembly (STA): a gimbal system, observation FLIR/ CCD cameras, and Laser Pointer

Ground components

  • Ground Control
  • Ground Data Terminal (GDT)
  • Remote Video Terminal : RVT II
  • Ground control and RVT harnesses
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