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Diameter – 5.9m
Altitude (AGL): 200m AGL
Endurance – Up to 72 Hours
Payload Max Weight – 6.5kg
360° Observation
Upper unit contains Avionics, Comms and Power
Lower unit contains Mooring Station and Helium Storage Canisters
Towable by pick-up car

The Skystar aerostats series includes the 180 and 300 models, providing the operator with a persistent, elevated view of an area under surveillance. The basic Skystar system consists of a tethered helium-filled balloon platform (blimp), a mission payload comprising a stabilized day/night electro-optical (EO) payload, and a tether that links the platform and payload to the ground control unit. The tether provides power and controls on uplink, and high-capacity video on downlink.

Skystar aerostats are designed for rapid deployment and mobility. They are easy to deploy (2-3 person team), operate and transport. The entire system is packed and transported in a dedicated container, using a standard trailer or truck. These cost effective systems operate under all weather conditions, day and night with small logistics requirements.

A payload-carrying Skystar can be elevated to an altitude of 1,000 ft. -1,500 ft. (300-500 m) above ground at wind velocity of up to 40 knots. Mission endurance is 3 days; a short break for re-inflation is required every 72 hours. The system is operational in temperatures: -35ºC to 60ºC

In addition to low maintenance and operation costs, both systems offer a range of customization and expansion options, according to required mission type.

Skystar aerostats are developed and produced cooperatively by CP Aeronautics and its sister company, RT.

Skystar 180

The Skystar 180 aerostat system is a small tactical, all-weather aerostat system, that is popular with military and police forces and valued for its easy and cost-effective operation and maintenance. Skystar 180  is capable of carrying the advanced tri-sensor TD-STAMP payload.

Skystar 300

The Skystar 300 aerostat system is a medium-sized tactical, all-weather aerostat system, ideal for military and homeland security operations.

Key features and capabilities

  • Rapid transportation and deployment
  • Persistent surveillance – 24/7 presence
  • Long mission endurance (72 hours)
  • 360° stabilized observation coverage
  • Accurate location and targeting
  • Precise location of payload footprint and targets on a digital map
  • High-end, Day/Night/Laser gyro-stabilized aerostat payload
  • Interface with C4I systems
  • Full digital recording of mission video and data
  • Communications relay support
  • Fully integrated with existing C4I systems
  • Digital mission recording
  • Operational in temperatures: -35ºC to 60º
CP Aeronautics